Giorgos Tserionis

Rebirth #2

Giorgos Tserionis’ clay sculptures are asymmetric, somehow finalized before their possible final form. They are sometimes reminiscent of natural forms, like a fossil, or an unstable human figure , but primarily abstract and ambiguous, pronouncing the artist’s ongoing dialogue with the medium’s vast realm of possibility. It would be tempting to interpret many of his ceramics and installations, such as aspects of his practice in terms of national trauma, mental devastation and rebirth. Rebirth is a term which symbolizes the continuous circle of life. In addition many works by Giorgos Tserionis are answers to the question: “What is the function of vessels today, what could be their content?” He is not concerned with manufacturing usable vessels or realistic ceramic sculptures. Vessel as a scape, sometimes completely abstract or distorted, like a rhetorical device, is the central point of reference of his work, while its result is more than just the situation of the shape of a utensil.


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