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For experienced ceramic artists who require ceramic facilities to push their creative boundaries and wish to join the community of Sealed Earth.


Play with Clay

4 three-hour classes on the basic principles of creating handmade ceramics, such as pinching, coiling and slab, decoration, and glazing. At the end of the classes, all participants will have created small pots such as bowls, vases and plates.
The classes are suitable for all levels.


Design with Clay Group

Project-based workshops offering tutoring in ceramics.
The workshops are open to artists who work with other media and wish to experiment with clay or to add ceramic objects to their projects and to professionals in design, interior design or architects, with or without previous experience in ceramics.


3D Design & Printing

Do you want to discover the possibilities of 3D print ceramic technology, have an art project that includes a 3D print ceramic presentation or want us to design a custom 3D ceramic print object?


Kiln Hire

For wholesalers looking for an extra kiln or anyone who would occasionally like to work with clay but has limited space or does not wish to invest in the expensive firing equipment required. We have the equipment and specialist technical knowledge to fire your work for you.


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