What is Sealed Earth

Sealed Earth is a Ceramic Studio &
Ceramic Art Gallery

Sealed Earth is a ceramic art gallery and workshop for all who are attracted to making with clay, from absolute beginners to more experienced potters. We are uniquely located in central Athens, at the foothills of the Acropolis at 22, Erechthiou street. A place of calm and community, our carefully curated free-flowing space provides a perfect environment for people to come together to create and turn a slab of clay into ceramics that slay.

Our Studio

Sealed Earth occupies an open space of 175 sqm and is equipped with a slab roller table, a clay press coiling machine, potters wheels, three custom painted kilns of 750lt (our big yellow one), 80lt (our silver one), and 20lt (our blue one), comfortable workbenches for each member and a great variety of tools. There is also access to a library with a wide variety of literature for ceramists and artists, contemporary ceramic art subscriptions in European and US ceramic art magazines for inspiration, and outdoor space members can relax in.

Our Vision

We vision Sealed Earth as a place whose personality is vividly expressed through the arts and crafts, an arts pulse where the artist and community continually engage. A place where anyone - from those who want to explore their creativity but still lack the confidence to experienced artists seeking to experiment and incorporate clay into their practice - can learn the skills to create but also where they can feel free and comfortable to explore their selves. We aim to create opportunities for all individuals to experience the joy of artistic expression and nurture creativity with in-house collective art exhibitions, art curation, art direction, mentorship, and access to an online shop. For us, ceramics is about love and passion for assisting you with the process of exploring, engaging with clay, connecting to a living history of human making, and expressing your creativity. At the heart of Sealed Earth is the desire to form a community around a shared love of art in all its forms.

Drop in, be inspired, and get dirty!

Join a creative group,

be a member, or pop in

for a visit during

our opening hours

and get a glimpse

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Opening hours & Information

Monday — Friday

11am — 09pm


We operate upon request

Contact us

A: 22 Erechthiou street, Athens, 117 42
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