Terms & Conditions for Studio Members

1. Sealed Earth membership includes predefined access during our opening hours, use of equipment, tools, complimentary tea, coffee, and free wifi.

2. There’s always someone on-site to advise members on how to use the equipment and the best way to carry out a project. Our studio personnel is on hand to pack the kilns, so you don’t need to worry about that. Still, if the objects are very fragile or very big, you will be requested to place them in the kiln by yourself.

3. Cost of each workshop may vary depending on the artist, instructor. 24% VAT is not included in the prices, unless otherwise adviced.

4. Payments must be made upfront by cash/card or bank transfer on the first day of each month and should include VAT.

5. Sealed Earth is set up for part-time use. This is how we make sure there is space for everyone and avoiding hot-desking and equipment sharing.

6. Non-attendance and Public holidays: In the event of non-attendance, a public holiday, or using the studio for less than predefined hours per week, your hours will not be transferred, and no refund will be issued.

7. Clay / Firing costs: Clay is available to purchase on site. In addition to 30ltr/ month, included to class and member fees, extra firing cost is 1 € to 1.5 € per lt depending on the firing temperature and schedule. Pots should be measured and paid before firings.

8. Disabilities If you have a disability, please let us know before you arrive at the first class. We can accommodate pretty much any disability, but it’s always good to know in advance so that we can be fully prepared.

9. Before you leave the studio, you should consider that you will need approximately a quarter to half an hour to clean up your workspace and return your desk clean and all the equipment back to their places (Not drying at the sink).

10. Please do not touch or move other members’ objects.

11. We are not responsible for any damage caused to your work and are not responsible for any work, belongings, or money going missing or getting stolen.

12. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel any person from a member if any of the above points are not respected.

13. Every member is responsible for packaging and pickup of their personal stuff, equipment, tools, and ceramic objects within a week after their final firing.

14. Health & Safety

• It is important that everyone respects all health and safety regulations, signage and Sealed Earth staff.

• The Sealed Earth cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused through the misuse of the studio or equipment.

• Classes are for participants 18 years old or older.

• Please familiarise yourself with our evacuation procedure.

• If you are unsure of anything regarding health and safety, please ask the teacher or staff.

• Rubbing your objects inside the studio space is strictly prohibited because clay dust is very harmful to one’s health.

• All glazing materials are harmful to your health, so we recommend using gloves and masks during the preparation of glazing recipes.

• Smoking is not allowed inside the studio. There is a lovely terrace outside that you can use for your smoke break.



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