Opium Bottles – A collection of memories

Opening Date 14/09/2023
Closing Date 17/09/2023

Ilias Christopoulos Solo Exhibition on ART ATHINA 2023


Solo Show


Curated by Thedora Koumoundourou

Exhibition dates: 14 – 17 September 2023
Location: Zappeion Megaron, Athens

Sealed Earth is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of artist Ilias Christopoulos titled “Opium Bottles: A Collection of Memories” at Art Athina 2023 curated by Theodora Koumoundourou.

Through the intoxicating aroma of opium and the allure of ceramic art, each bottle becomes a vessel of time, preserving pieces of our being. These vessels, once white as the canvas of childhood innocence, gradually transform into vivid hues that reflect the kaleidoscope of life’s experiences. Finally, they surrender to the embrace of oblivion, which hides the mysteries of forgotten chapters.

As you wander through this provocative collection, the lines between the tangible and the intangible blur. Whispers of nostalgia in a cloud of reverie. Inside these bottles lies the essence of existence – stories of love and laughter, bitterness and disappointments, the sweet aroma of life’s adventure.

Ecstasy and melancholy… memories, like opium, stir dormant emotions and awaken echoes.

Together, we will traverse the labyrinth of time, where each bottle is a gateway to a momentous story waiting to be re-lived.

Exhibition Artists

Ilias Christopoulos

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