Hybrid Hybridities

Opening Date 09/09/2023
Closing Date 28/10/2023

Andrew Hazewinkel presents a collection of small-scale ceramic sculptures characterized as chimeric creatures, part human, part spirit, part vegetal, and part atmospheric

9 September at 18:00
(Free entrance)

9 September – 28 October 2023

Sealed Earth Gallery proudly presents Hybrid Hybridities the first solo exhibition in Greece by Athens based Australian born artist Andrew Hazewinkel.

Reflecting the multifaceted qualities of the artist’s established practice, Hybrid Hybridities includes a collection of ceramic sculptures characterised as chimeric creatures – part human, part spirit, part vegetal, part atmospheric – presented alongside large paired spectral multiple-exposure photographs, a natural filigree-like suspended bronze sculpture merging plant species indigenous to Australia and Greece, and a group of small reclining lead figures, simultaneously contemporary and ancient, cast on the beaches of Anafi, Santorini’s neighbouring island.

Humming with a sense of vitality, Hazewinkel’s transitionally blended works appear as they are if moving toward or away from a fixed state of being. Melding the iconic and the aniconic while balancing a refined aesthetic with a visual language of rupture, here the artist plays with enigma and the power of paradox, resulting in a suite of sculptures and images that are both carnal and mindful, human and supernatural.

Stemming from the Latin word ibrida meaning ‘mongrel’, the modern word hybrid refers to something made by combining two different elements.

In Hybrid Hybridities Hazewinkel extends the field of hybridizing elements to include not only objects, but also the residues and traces of histories, materialities, processes, functions, memories, experiences, places and forms.


Andrew Hazewinkel is an Australian artist living and working in Athens. His artistic practice spans sculptural and lens-based practices. His works have been presented at Villa Empain The Boghossian Foundation Brussels, Art Athina 2022, the 31st Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Art, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and the Centre of Contemporary Photography Melbourne.

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Andrew Hazewinkel

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