Her Hands Were Muddy When We Met

Opening Date 06/06/2024
Closing Date 05/07/2024

Her Hands Were Muddy When We Met – Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition



“Her Hands Were Muddy When We Met”
Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition

Group show

Maru Meleniou, Nasia Pavlidou, Aggeliki Stamatakou,
Marina Taliadourou, Leonie Yagdjoglou

Exhibition Celebration: 8 June at 19:00 hrs.

Exhibition Dates: 6 June – 5 July 2023

A Fusion of Ceramics representing the Artists path in Contemporary Art


This exhibition collection takes us through the unique Journey of the artists presented. Together, these artists present a dynamic range of styles and stories through their works in clay. Maru Meleniou’s work reflects the transformative and meditative nature of her existence. Living in Japan, she embraced the raw elements of nature and the ceremonial aspects of daily life, experiences that now permeate her ceramic work.

Nasia Pavlidou’s creations often explore connections between nature, humans, and everyday objects, with  recent focus on totemic sculptures that symbolize communal ties. Aggeliki Stamatakou’s work often reflects the beauty of the Greek landscape, incorporating innovative approaches to traditional techniques, and creating pieces that narrate personal and universal stories. Marina Taliadourou draws inspiration from the Cycladic culture, living and working in Santorini where the landscape seeps into her ceramic works. Her approach combines historical reverence with a modern twist, creating pieces that are both rooted in tradition and boldly contemporary. Leonie Yagdjoglou’s approach to ceramics is deeply personal, utilizing the tactile nature of clay to explore themes of identity and transformation.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit www.sealedearth.art or contact us at [email protected]

About Sealed Earth Gallery: Sealed Earth Gallery is an establishment devoted to promoting Greek and international Contemporary Art, committed to showcasing the brilliance of modern and contemporary ceramics. Focusing on creating dialogues and facilitating exchanges among diverse approaches to ceramics, our exhibition program oscillates mainly between sculptors who employ ceramics as a medium of expression and ceramists who explore contemporary forms.

This summer our exhibition program is presented at SANTORINI ART FACTORY (SAF) About SANTORINI ART FACTORY: SAF is the artistic aspect of the Tomato Industrial Museum, “D. Nomikos”. It was created with the ambition to become one of the pillars of cultural activities on the island of Santorini and the wider region of South Aegean. Its orientation is identical to that of the Industrial Museum and is based on three central axes: History & Tradition, Culture, and Education.


Sealed Earth Gallery @ Santorini Arts Factory

Tomato Industrial Museum “D. Nomikos”

Vlychada, 84700 Santorini
Gallery Hours: 11:00 – 20:00

Tel: +30 2286085141

Media Contact: Thanasis Poulkas

[email protected]

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