…his one whisper shone…

Whispers are special vehicles that travel between the private and the public realms. Most often we whisper to others, but sometimes we whisper to ourselves, tentatively, but out loud, an act of sharing, with ourselves. These whispers cross thresholds between our inner psychological landscape of dreams and desires and the physical landscapes of our mutually material world, somehow making them more real. Owing a debt of gratitude to much of Felix Gonzalez- Torres’ oeuvre …his one whisper shone… undermines the perceived authority of an artwork’s author. It explores the personal interpretative potentials inherent to the slippages of language, and the almost inescapable desire to arrive at a singularity in an author’s meaning. In this way this work is intended as a prompt toward personal resonance arrived at through highly individual readings. Surfaced with gold automotive paint, these incised ceramic tablets are situated to maximise the daily trajectory of the sun. At times they glow gently, at other times they burn brightly. The work can be expereinced privately, meditatively, in close proximity, or it can be experienced at a distance, perhaps while swimming or moving across the surface of the sea, from where at times it manifests as a bright flash of reflected light. However it is expereinced, this material prompt aims to establish a pact with its audience, inviting them into to a personal meaning making process, encouraging resistance to the pursuit of a singular conclusivity of the author’s words and the object itself. Here meanings emerge from an ever changing interplay between the private and the public - clay, paint, sunlight, landscape and the audience’s own inner worlds.
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