Amalgam of Imprints

Try to find out when it all started. Make an artwork. There is no beginning, there is no end. This is how I feel. Is there a beginning to the sea? Who first claimed life in this land? I have no idea. The traces of life, the souls across time, the eternal are all here. Nothing is washed away in that blue. Look under the blue of the water - you will see colours. I see colours in people’s lives. The path they walked. The fatigue from the hardships to survive, their love for the water. Their wishes, efforts, anticipation for something to appear in the horizon. People create places and form cultures. Time unites us. No one is alone, nothing is unique. We are all part of a whole. Our wishes light the candle in the temple of the soul. Xerolithia: dry stones that form randomly everchanging boundaries. Which land do you own? Does your sea know any limits? Does it bring you news from afar? Our own lighthouse is within. We send signals. Does anybody see us? How much has been brought to these tiny places over the centuries? Everything is Amalgamated. Our lives and deeds remain to infinity, awaiting to be traced back by the future generations.
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