Haroula Koropouli


Haroula Koropouli is a ceramic artist and a close associate of Ilias Christopoulos. She is the founder of the Patra association of ceramicists Kerameon Ihni (“Ceramic Traces”). In partnership with Christopoulos she has participated in numerous symposia and contemporary ceramic art group exhibitions, notably in the archeological museums of Delphi, Patra and Messenia. She has participated in the 49th, 50th, 52nd and 59th Panhellenic Exhibition of Art Ceramics (First Prize in the 52nd, Praise in the 59th), in the Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics (Athens 2012), in Group Ceramists Traces (Patras 2012) and in the 8th International Biennale of Ceramics (Kapfenberg, Austria), Group Exhibition of Ceramics “Ceramists Traces, the beginning” (Archaeological Museum of Patras, 2014), Group Exhibition of Ceramics within the Symposium of Byzantine Ceramics, Group Exhibition of Ceramics (Exodus Gallery, Athens), Latvia International Ceramics Biennale 2016, Group Exhibition of Ceramics “Duality” (Kardamyli and Archaeological Museum of Patras), International Group Exhibition of Ceramics “Delphi” (Archaeological Museum of Delphi, 2017), Exhibition of “Micrografies” (Palea Kardamyli 2018), 14th International Exhibition of Ceramics (Manises, Spain 2019), 6th Exhibition of Ceramics (Archaeological Museum of Olympia 2021) and the Group Exhibition of Ceramics “Melana” (Athens, 2021). Since 2013 she holds a ceramics workshop in Patras and is a member of the Group Ceramists Traces.

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